Job Interview Questions: “Why Should We Hire You?”

why should we hire youThis is one of the job interview questions not only preferred by recruiters, but also required by many companies. This question comes usually as a closer of the job interview, a question meant to make clear once and for all if the candidate is fit for the job or not. But despite the fact it is quite a popular question, this is also one of the interview questions most candidates overlook, and fail to answer properly.

So, how to answer the question “Why should we hire you?”

First of all, this question can be “translated” a little bit differently. What a recruiter actually asks is “Can you prove that your qualifications and experience coincide with the job requirements?” It’s quite obvious that to provide a good answer to this question, you must do your homework thoroughly. You should analyze each and every detail of that particular job profile, and assess which are the qualities and skills of the ideal candidate for it. Then, put together an answer reflecting that you have most (or all) the qualifications for that particular job.

Make your answer as short and comprising as possible. Don’t bore the recruiter to death with it. Keep in mind that one of the reasons this question sucks, is that it actually asks the you to praise yourself. It will not look good if you overdo it, and will actually raise doubts about you. Avoid being evasive, avoid saying nothing in one thousand words. Your answer must be as consistent as possible.

Here are two examples of satisfying answers to this questions, for a retail job:

“I have four years of experience in retail and sales. I have great people skills, and love working with the public. So far, I have dealt with thousands of customers, good and bad, and I know how to handle almost any situation that can occur in a job like this.”

“Even though I have no previous experience in sales, I’m extroverted, positive minded, and love working with people directly. I might not be accustomed with all the problems that may occur in a job of this sort, but I’ve always been a fast learner.”

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